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Разказ Do not trust Thermaltake

A couple of months ago I decided to buy a Thermaltake's Digital Home computer case DH 101. If I had known what kind of surprise Thermaltake prepared for me I would have never bought their product.

On the following picture you can see how their LCD lights - what what contrast and backlight.


As you all guys can see it looks very cool with perfect contrast. The backlight is almost invisible and the LCD elements light in a perfect way. The next picture has been taken from their advertising materials directly from the thermaltake.com web site.


The display in closer plan - looks fantastic again.

Now the next two images were taken from me, from the case I received.



Look how bad the display lights! The background lighting is awful. The contrast just missing. You can see how unreadable is the text in a dark room. Now imagine how readable it is in one bright room. I was very disappointed and tried to contact Thermaltake with an explanation of why their LCD doesn't match neither the look and feel nor the quality of their advertising images. The Europian's office answered that they know about that issue and asked me to take some photos as of the case and the LCD as of all documents including the invoice. I sent all of them. After receiving of all of that I had to send the LCD to their office located in Netherlands. Two days later they said the LCD worked fine and I had no reason to send the LCD to them! A couple of conversations ware made to learn that they didn't intend to change the LCD display at all.

So what I concluded was that even so big companies like Thermaltake allow themselves to threat us, people in small countries like assholes.

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